Dilmar is a company which is in the vanguard in the production of an original line, that is "sea fashion". It tries to gratify all women who love their body, want to seduce and to be fashionable. Vitality and colours enrich all the bathing costumes together with their respective accessories. Dilmar's samples are realized with very elastic textiles which have a perfect connection with body and dry very fast. Besides they allow freedom of movement. Dilmar company uses selected, original and elegant materials; it attaches importance to particular finishing touches, whose purpose is to make the article unique of its kind. In the catalogue, you can find a variety of articles for women, men and children. Moreover, Dilmar can realize personalized models just for you! Dilmar is a dab hand at satisfying in anything. This company is situated in the south of Italy exatly in the Gulf of Naples between two wonderful towns that is: Pompei a worldwide town for his ruins, and the Sorrento mainland known for its wonderful coasts. Thanks to its dinamicity and twenty years of experience in this field, it has been able to conquer a place of relief at international level as good representative of "made in Italy" quality. The productive ability of the "Dilmar" is supported by a specialized staff of experienced workers, who are able to guarantee a first class "customer service" and available to provide you the most competitive prices alongwith timely deliveries thanks to a continuously updated market-report. Today it counts more than 40 countries among its importers in various areas such as West Europe, Middle East, Australia and United States. It distinguishes from all the other swimming-costume italian companies for its way of producing, with max seriousness, artisan and very cheap in the same time!